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Campers travel to Cayuga from across the United States, and from abroad as well. Most campers are from the metropolitan areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia. At the same time, we still continue to have a diverse camper and staff population who last summer traveled from 26 states and 17 countries! Camp Cayuga is a nonsectarian camp with campers of various religious affiliations.


Camp Cayuga features a top quality Horseback Riding Program in a traditional camp setting, providing campers a well-rounded activity program, with the opportunity to horseback ride everyday! Whether you're a beginner rider or an experienced jumper, you're guaranteed to have fun at Cayuga's Equestrian Center! Daily Horseback Riding is included in the camp tuition.

Horseback Riding Instruction is offered daily on the camp premises.  Equitation classes in both English and Western styles are conducted from beginner to advanced levels.  Scenic Trail Rides and Jumping Classes are also offered daily.  The activity program for “Juniors” includes 2 optional riding periods weekly.  Additional periods are available upon parental request.  The activity program for our older campers (entering 5th grade & higher) offers Horseback Riding as a daily free-choice elective.


If you'd like to spend more time at the Equestrian Center and assist Cayuga's stable staff in caring for the horses and the animals at our petting zoo, we have good news for you - Cayuga's Junior Stable Staff Program!  This program is most popular with our horse enthusiasts.  Under the direction of the Horsemanship Instructors, you'll assist with grooming, tacking, watering, feeding, walking-out the horses after a lesson, cleaning-up, and some mucking-out (if you want to).  If you'd like, you can also care for our animals at the Petting Zoo.  Our goats, sheep, calf and miniature horse are very friendly and enjoy going for walks!  Interested campers simply sign-up for the Junior Stable Staff Program at camp.


The Horseback Riding Program is headed-up by our Horsemanship Director who has experience managing an Equestrian Program; supervising staff; instructing children; and caring for horses.  The Horsemanship Director is CHA certified (or holds equivalent documentation).  Cayuga’s Horsemanship Staff is comprised of 8 instructors who have certification in equine studies and/or experience in horseback riding instruction.  There’s always a staff member present at the Equestrian Center who holds current certification in first-aid and CPR.


The Equestrian Center includes 25 horses, a barn, a tack building, 2 instructional riding rings, a variety of jumps, wooded pastures, miles of scenic trails on the camp property, and a Petting Zoo for bunnies, goats, sheep, a calf and miniature horse.  All riders are provided with certified helmets and the tack is maintained in excellent condition

Each summer we schedule 4 Horse Shows: 2 are "Visiting Day" Horse Shows and the other 2 are "Intercamp" Horse Shows that take place at nearby camps. There are no "try-outs" for Cayuga's Intercamp Horse Show Team. All campers are eligible to ride in our Horse Shows

Horseback Overnights are scheduled about once a week. The fun starts off with an Evening Trail Ride after dinner. Upon arrival at the overnight site, you'll help set-up the campsite, care for your horse (walk-out, feed, etc.), and when the sun goes down, you can grill some burgers/hot dogs for a late-night snack. You'll camp-out under the stars at the overnight site, wake-up early the following morning, and ride back to the Equestrian Center. You'll be back with your cabin group in time for breakfast. Horseback Overnights are a lot of fun!

Camp Cayuga is a proud member of the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and meets the standards and follows the guidelines set forth by the CHA, as well as the American Camping Association (ACA).  Our commitment to safety is evident in the selection of our horsemanship staff, the format of our riding lessons, the condition of our facilities, and the quality of our tack and equipment!


With all these exciting features of Cayuga's Equestrian Program, it's no surprise that Horseback Riding is one of our most popular activities!  So kids – saddle up, grab hold. 



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