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Campers travel to Cayuga from across the United States, and from abroad as well. Most campers are from the metropolitan areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia. At the same time, we still continue to have a diverse camper and staff population who last summer traveled from 26 states and 17 countries! Camp Cayuga is a nonsectarian camp with campers of various religious affiliations.


We are very serious about our preventive health-care practices and make every effort to ensure all campers remain healthy during their stay at camp. Upon arrival at camp, campers & staff are screened by our medical staff before unpacking and settling-in. Ongoing Health Screenings (general health check-ups) are performed by our camp nurses during the camper's stay and Outgoing Health Screenings take place before the camper's departure from camp. In addition to the Health Screenings conducted by the medical staff, Wellness Assessment Forms are completed periodically on each camper by the cabin counselors. No effort is spared in seeing that our campers are kept healthy during their stay at camp.

All campers are supervised daily for personal cleanliness and good grooming by their cabin counselors and division directors. Camp policy requires each camper to shower daily and brush their teeth in the morning and again at bedtime. Hand sanitizer is provided in the dining hall at each meal.

Each campus (Junior Campus and Teen Campus) features its own infirmary & health center. The Health Centers are staffed 24 hours a day and are equipped to provide first-aid and minor treatment. "Sick Call" takes place after each meal and again at bedtime. All medications (prescription and non-prescription) are stored under lock & key in the Health Centers, and are distributed by the medical staff. Each Health Center consists of a treatment room, isolation room, separate sleeping quarters (with private bathrooms) for boys and girls, a kitchenette, and private bedrooms for each medical staff member.

Cayuga's medical staff consists of 6 to 8 professionals and assistants, who are under the direct supervision of our Health Supervisor. The medical staff monitor the health and well-being of all campers and staff. The camp medical staff have experience in pediatrics and emergency medical care, and reside in the camp's infirmaries.

In the event outside medical treatment is deemed necessary, the camper will be accompanied by a nurse to the local medical clinic, which is located less than 10 minutes from camp. In the event of an emergency, the camper will be accompanied by a nurse to the Wayne County Memorial Hospital, where a variety of specialists are on-staff. The hospital is only 10 minutes from camp and has earned a fine reputation in providing 24-hour medical care.

For over 50 years the Buynak Family has provided thousands of children an opportunity to grow in a safe and healthy summer camp environment. Supervision, security, and safety procedures are an integral part of our 24-hour daily operation. All camp staff are trained in safety procedures regarding first-aid, epipen use, fire extinguisher use, the camp's emergency communication plan, off-camp trip safety procedures, and the like. Instructors are trained and qualified prior to the arrival of our campers and are evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure instruction is given in accordance with Cayuga's safety standards. All activity sites are inspected daily for potential hazards, and the camp's equipment is of the best institutional quality available. In addition, all campers attend an orientation session where camp safety rules and procedures (like fire drills) are explained and reviewed. Safety is #1 at Camp Cayuga!

Campers are required to carry medical insurance as a condition of enrollment. Since we have found that most families already have medical insurance coverage through employment or otherwise, we have decided to keep our camp tuition to a minimum by not covering expenses incurred when a camper is treated by an outside medical provider. The camp's policy regarding medical coverage parallels those medical policies set forth by most elementary and secondary schools. That is, medical conditions which can be properly treated at the Health Center by the camp's medical staff are covered by the camp at no extra charge to the parent. Keep in mind that the treatment of head lice/nits cannot be treated properly by the camp's medical staff during their normal course of health care practices. For this reason, the treatment of lice/nits at camp is not covered by the camp tuition.



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