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Campers travel to Cayuga from across the United States, and from abroad as well. Most campers are from the metropolitan areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia. At the same time, we still continue to have a diverse camper and staff population who last summer traveled from 26 states and 17 countries! Camp Cayuga is a nonsectarian camp with campers of various religious affiliations.


Special Events are a lot of fun and are generally scheduled about once or twice a week. They include some of the wackiest activities of the summer. We've listed below many of the Special Events that have taken place over the past few summers. To see the Special Events we have scheduled for this summer, go to "Calendar of Events".  Special Event Days are a lot of fun!  Please note that on certain Special Event Days (like the Olympics, Beach Bash, Carnival, Boating Regatta, Amusement Park Trips, etc), campers do not have the opportunity to participate in the regular activities that are typically offered on a daily basis.


  • Annual Cayuga Olympics    
  • Carnival Days          
  • The Wet & Wild Water Carnival    
  • Circus Clinic
  • Sunglasses for Breakfast    
  • Apache Relay Races
  • The Big Beach Bash     
  • Camper-Counselor Day
  • Intercamp Horse Shows    
  • Odd Shoe Day
  • 4th of July Celebration    
  • yaD sdrawkcaB
  • Art Project Display Show    
  • Pajamas for Breakfast
  • Tye Dye T-Shirt Day    
  • Mustache for Lunch
  • The Big Boating Regatta    
  • Iron Man Competition Day
  • Rocketry Blast-Offs    
  • Big Hair Day
  • Oscars Ceremony    
  • Off-Camp Pizza Parties
  • Crazy Hat Day    
  • Lucky Lotto Lunch
  • Annual Camp Banquet    
  • Mardi Gras Day
  • Cayuga's Prom Night    
  • Dance Recital
  • Army Navy Day    
  • Medieval Day
  • Cayuga Football League Clinic    
  • Cayuga Hockey League Clinic
  • Native American Day    
  • Dress Like a Nerd Day
  • Cayuga Mud Run    
  • Survival Clinic
  • Horseback Overnights    
  • Cabin Cookouts



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