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Campers travel to Cayuga from across the United States, and from abroad as well. Most campers are from the metropolitan areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia. At the same time, we still continue to have a diverse camper and staff population who last summer traveled from 26 states and 17 countries! Camp Cayuga is a nonsectarian camp with campers of various religious affiliations.


Cayuga's natural landscape divides 350 acres into two separate campuses on the same estate. This is a unique feature that distinguishes Cayuga from other traditional summer camps! Each campus is located on opposite sides of our lake and operates self-sufficiently with its own Dining Hall, Gymnasium, Creative Arts Center, Swimming Pool, Activity Sites, and Infirmary. With two separate campuses, we can provide two separate programs that are geared to the different age groups on each campus.


Teen Campus is reserved exclusively for teens! Teenagers entering 8th to 11th grade who are 13 years of age or older (before camp) reside on Teen Campus, which houses approximately 75 girls & 75 boys. It's a small friendly community where everyone knows one another. The Teen Campus Program affords you the best opportunity to learn and have fun with your peers! This summer, several teenagers will travel from across the Unites States and Europe to participate in Cayuga's Teen Program! Note: Campers entering 8th grade who are 13 years old (before camp) have the option to reside on Junior Campus.


You'll also receive some extra special privileges, which are available only to campers residing on Teen Campus! Some of these privileges include: wake-up an hour later than Junior Campus every morning; coed "open seating" during the lunch meal (you don't have to sit with your cabin counselor - you can sit with whomever you wish!); voluntary competitive sports; cabin leagues; late-night pool parties; more day trips off-camp; more coed activities during the day; fun evening activities geared exclusively for Teens; and a later curfew with "lights-out" at 11:00pm. These special privileges are for Teens only!


The camper population on Teen Campus is just right! It's large enough to provide a challenging and varied program, and at the same time, it's small enough to allow our entire staff to know you personally. We find that our teenage enrollment maintains the family atmosphere which characterizes Camp Cayuga. It's a down-to-earth friendly atmosphere where we emphasize being yourself and de-emphasizing fashion. The camper population includes a healthy mixture of new and returning campers too! In fact, about 40% of our teenagers on Teen Campus are NEW to Camp Cayuga. This is one reason why it's easy for new campers to adjust to Teen Campus and make new friends! Each summer we graduate 40% of our teen population. This percentage allows us to accept many new campers into our Teen Program who will be attending Camp Cayuga for the first time.


The Teen Campus Program encourages active participation in all activities, spirit, and cabin camaraderie. Our "cabin point system" rewards your cabin group for your participation and individual achievements. There are many different ways to earn points for your cabin group - whether performing in the Talent Show or dressing up for the Hippie Dance, you're not only having fun, but also earning points for your cabin group! In other words, the more fun you have, the more cabin points you'll earn!


Your day is action-packed with over 60 fun-filled activities and exciting special events. On Teen Campus you can specialize in any activity program! Each day after breakfast, you design your own schedule by selecting your favorite activities. Your program is 100% "free choice". If you enjoy noncompetitive activities, you can select electives like: horseback riding, ceramics, pottery, flying trapeze, radio broadcasting, extreme sport jumping (bungee trampoline), performing arts, weight training, aerobics, mounting biking, dance, creative arts, camp newspaper, video game room, etc. If you prefer team or individual sports, you can select activities like: flag football, water polo, basketball, softball, roller hockey, soccer, lacrosse, beach volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, riflery, skateboarding, paintball, etc. You can select any activity as often as you like or never! And whichever activity you select, you're guaranteed to be participating with teens only! That's one of the reasons why Teen Campus is so popular with teenagers.


Supervision is just as important on Teen Campus as it is on Junior Campus. For this reason, each instructor is provided with an activity roster for each period and is required to take attendance. This insures that you are attending the activities you have selected. Cayuga's Attendance Supervisors are responsible for collecting attendance rosters from each activity instructor at the beginning of each period. You are strongly encouraged to participate! While the daily activities are in progress, Cayuga's Program Staff are readily available to assist you with your program questions. The Program Staff have copies of all rosters for each activity for each period of the day. Revisions to rosters are made if deemed necessary and instructors are promptly notified if the revision affects their activity rosters.  


The following facilities and activity sites are located on Teen Campus.   Check out the Virtual Tours for these facilities.


* Swimming Pool

* Teen Rec Center

* Dining Hall

* Skate Park

* Basketball Courts

* Paintball Field

* Creative Arts Pavillion

* Riflery Range

* Snack Bar

* Private Lake

* Hockey Rink

* Mountain Bike Trails

* Ga Ga Courts

* Sand Volleyball Courts
* Petting Zoo

* Badminton Courts

* Soccer Field

* Equestrian Center

* Dance & Aerobics Studio

* Softball & Sports Field

* Golf Cages

* Health Center

* Archery Range

* Tetherball Courts

* Weight Training / Fitness Room

* Radio DJ Broadcasting Station

* Teen Office




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