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Cayuga's Trips Program this summer includes a full action-packed day from morning to night at Dorney Amusement Park & Wild Water Kingdom.  All campers attend this trip.  The buses depart camp immediately after an early breakfast, and lunch and dinner are served at the Park. This trip is included in the camp tuition. The best part about this trip day is you get to attend both Parks. For this summer's trip date, go to our Calendar of Events webpage

Dorney Amusement Park features over 100 rides, games, restaurants and attractions. It's also the East Coast home for Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the PEANUTS gang.  "Planet Snoopy" is a two-acre comic strip playland where our Junior Division campers will have the opportunity to meet Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and many more of the world-famous PEANUTS characters. Dorney Park features 7 roller coasters and dozens of state-of-the-thrill rides. Below is a description of the 4 most popular thrill rides, as voted by our Cayuga campers.  The height of these rides (some are over 200 feet high) and their high speeds (some coasters travel at 75-mph) will chill you with hair-raising excitement

DOMINATOR The Dominator is a 220-foot tower featuring two gravity-defying rides.  One tower suddenly blasts you straight up 15 stories in the air before dropping you back to earth, while another tower slowly lifts the other campers to a staggering 170 feet, then thrusts them downward at faster-than-free-fall speeds!  This ride is awesome!

HYDRA Hydra the Revenge is considered by our Cayuga campers as the #1 best ride.  It is the first and only floorless roller coaster in Pennsylvania  with a unique twist that flips you upside-down as the train exits the station, then sends you soaring through the sky along more than a half-mile of coiling steel track.  With your adrenaline pumping, you climb up a 95-foot-tall lift hill, followed by a 53-mph plunge down a menacing 68-degree, 105-foot sideways drop into a rock-strewn canyon.  It's incredible!

STEEL FORCE Steel Force is the first roller coaster in the East to break the 200-foot barrier.  With a 205-foot drop, two tunnels, steep banks and speeds reaching 75-mph, this mega-coaster is recognized as one of the world's best steel roller coasters.... our campers agree!

TALON Talon is the tallest and longest inverted coaster in the Northeast.  A 135-foot hill sends you through four inversions - a vertical loop, a zero-gravity roll, an Immelmann loop and a corkscrew.  This ride is very cool!

Your day at Dorney Park also includes admission into Wild Water Kingdom which features an exciting collection of water slides, activity pools, and a gigantic wave pool. The Wildwater Kingdom features 18 water rides: Aquablast, AquaRacer, Cascade, Island Water Works, Jumpin' Jack Splash, Kid's Cove, Lightning Falls, Lily Pads, Lollipop Lagoon, Patriots Plunge, Riptide Run, Runaway River, Speed Slides, Splash Landing, Wavepool, Wildwater Cove, Wildwater Rapids, and Wildwater River.  All 18 rides guarantee wet & wild fun for everyone!  According to our camper survey, the top 4 most popular water rides at The Wild Water Kingdom include:

AQUABLAST Aquablast is one of the longest elevated water slides in the world.  This water ride stands 70 feet tall.  You ride in a gigantic multi-person raft that winds and twists through steep banks and curves.  You get totally soaked and will laugh from beginning to end.

*JUMPIN' JACK SPLASH - Jumpin' Jack Splash is a 30-foot tall tower with three brightly colored twisting body slides.  One enclosed aquatube and two open-air slides that take you on a slip-sliding adventure ending in the watery abyss below.  It's a blast - our campers really like this one!

*PATRIOT'S PLUNGE- On this ride two campers at a time challenge each of three tubing slides from atop a 52-foot tower.  The Patriots Plunge is a combination of enclosed aquatubes and giant slides that promise you an unpredictable journey.

*WILDWATER RAPIDS - Located at the 40-foot level of the Patriot's Plunge tower, Wildwater Rapids is a set of four brightly colored body slides.  Two are enclosed and two are open-air, all four taking our campers on a twisted trip to the splash-pool below.  It's a fantastic ride and one of Cayuga's favorites!


Since 1957 we've been hosting various organizations like Marching Bands, Youth Groups, Church & School Retreats, Training Camps, Sports Clinics, Weddings, Educational Conferences, and Corporate Events. They include small groups (30 guests) to large groups (700 guests), and range from 1-day events (family affairs) to 3-week stays (scout retreats). We provide a wide range of services to accommodate each group's individual needs. The facility is well-maintained, the camp staff is on-call 24-7, and our rates are very reasonable. Cayuga is an ACA accredited camp, owned & operated by the same family since 1964. It's located in the Pocono Mountains outside the village of Honesdale, which is a 3-hour drive from NYC and Philadelphia.

Cayuga's natural landscape divides 350 acres into two separate campuses on the same estate. This unique feature allows us to cater to 2 different groups and at the same time provide each group with exclusive use. Each campus is located on opposite sides of our lake and operates self-sufficiently with its own swimming pool, athletic/practice fields, dining hall, gymnasium, and other indoor facilities for meetings and evening events.

The cabins are comfortable and thoughtfully planned with cross ventilation. Each cabin is complete with its own modern bathroom facilities. Smaller cabins house up to 12 guests and include bathrooms with 3-5 private showers, 3-5 toilets, and 4-6 sinks. Larger cabins house up to 25 guests and include bathrooms with 5-7 private showers, 5-7 toilets, and 5-8 sinks. All cabins are equipped with smoke detectors, plenty of electrical outlets, closet, screened windows, hot/cold water, and a cubby for each guest's personal belongings. All cabins are centrally located and easily accessible to the practice fields, dining hall, and other indoor facilities. In addition to 45 cabins, private rooms are also available.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of food we serve. All meals (except for barbecues) are served cafeteria-style in our dining halls. Camp Cayuga has 2 dining halls - one on each campus. All cooking and baking is done on the camp premises. Restaurant-trained chefs prepare your well-balanced, nutritious meals daily. The menu, which is prepared by a licensed dietician, is flexible in order to appeal to the taste buds of your guests. Our meats, fish, vegetables, and fruit are of the very best quality. To see a sample "kids" menu for our summer camp season, click here.

Cayuga's staff is available 24-7 and is dedicated to catering to your group's needs. We will gladly customize your rental agreement to accommodate any special request you may have. Whether it's a special meal plan or a late-night campfire, the Cayuga staff will do their best to accommodate your group.

The benefits of holding a "Camp" for your organization are well proven. By being away from "home", you're guaranteed undivided attention, no interruptions, and 100% attendance. Just "being away from home" will pull your group together and help strengthen group spirit and enthusiasm!

* 2 Separate Campuses!
* Modern comfortable cabins (private showers, toilets, sinks)
* 2 Regulation-size football fields (1 on each campus)
* 4 Practice fields (2 on each campus)
* 2 Dining halls (1 on each campus)
* 2 Swimming pools (1 on each campus)
* 13 Acre natural stream-fed lake
* 2 Gymnasiums (1 on each campus)
* 2 Pavilions (1 on each campus)
* Tennis Center (10 courts)
* Indoor & outdoor basketball courts
* Small & large meeting rooms
* Quality food service
* Exclusive use available
* 350 Private acres to explore and hike!

Current daily rate is approximately $40 per person. Our rates are based upon the size of your group, your rental dates, and length of your stay. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a top-notch facility, good food service, a friendly atmosphere, and a caring staff.

Camp Cayuga operates as a Recreational Center during the late Spring and late Summer months. The facility is available for group rentals during this time. From late June to mid-August, Cayuga operates exclusively as a residential coed summer camp for children and is not available for group rentals.

We're proud of our operation, but don't take our word for it. Hear for yourself why our modern facilities, comfortable cabins, nutritious meals, and courteous staff are 4 top reasons why we've successfully hosted groups for over 50 years! We'll gladly provide you with references.

Mineola High School, Bloomfield High School, West Essex High School, Hackettstown High School, Old Bridge High School, South Plainfield High School, Morris Knolls High School, Morris Hills School, Arlington High School, Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps.

Colt Cross-Country Track Camp, National Circus Project Trapeze Training Clinic, Academy of Pediatrics, Church of our Savior, Providence Hmong Alliance Church, Canaan Christian Academy, Fourth Presbyterian Church of Bethesda, Marthoma Church Retreat, Hart Family Reunion (from Virginia), Ebenezer Assembly of God, Mountain Teachings Karate.

Arthur Johnson High School, David Brearley High School, Delbarton High School, Wardlow High School, Montclair Kimberley Academy.


All counselors are responsible for instructing various activities throughout the day. You can apply for as many instructor positions as you'd like. Quality instruction is emphasized daily at each activity site! For us to determine your level of competency, you need to let us know 1) your experience as a player/competitor for each activity you wish to instruct, and 2) your experience as an instructor/coach for each activity. In addition, we're interested in learning the reasons why you feel confident to lead the activities you've selected to instruct. Please remember to indicate all valid certifications you currently hold & any other certifications that were previously held but are now expired.

All applicants are required to complete an Employment Application in its entirety. You can complete the On-Line Application or you can download a printable version of the Application, which can be returned to us via mail or fax. If you'd like to complete the on-line Employment Application now, click here. If you'd prefer to mail or fax your completed Employment Application, click here for a printable version. For nurses & other medical personnel, click here for a printable version of the "Medical Staff" Employment Application. For cooks & other food service personnel, click here for a printable version of the "Food Service" Employment Application.

If you're an international applicant (not a United States citizen), please note that you must have a valid work visa, valid green card, or valid J-1 visa. If you do not have one of the above, you are not eligible to apply for employment. The J-1 visa can be obtained through an agency titled Camp Counselors USA (CCUSA). For information about this agency, go to their website at www.ccusa.com.  Be sure to indicate on the agency's application that you want to attend Cayuga & instruct the agency's placement coordinator to contact Cayuga when they receive your application. If you're a Canadian citizen, you too will need a J-1 visa. The easiest way for Canadians to obtain a visa is through an agency titled Bunac. They sponsor a special program (Can-Camp Program) for Canadians interested in working at USA summer camps. For more information about Bunac, go to their website at www.bunac.com.

Once your application is reviewed, if it’s acceptable and there remains a position available that best suits your talents, we’ll contact you via email within 10 days to set-up a telephone interview. The interview appointment is set-up at a time that’s most convenient for you. The interview usually take between 20-30 minutes. If the interview is acceptable, we then contact your character references and verify your past employment. If these results are acceptable, we’ll mail you a contract and a couple release forms which you’re required to complete, sign, and return with your contract. Upon receipt of your signed contract & release forms, we then contact an agency who performs criminal background checks for us. If the results of the background check are acceptable, we execute your contract and mail you a copy. Afterwards, we remain in touch with you via email and newsletter mailings. As you can imagine, the hiring process takes a lot of time and effort on our part, but it’s all worth it – because our staff is the #1 reason why Cayuga is successful!


Camp Cayuga is noncompetitive in philosophy. Our daily program stresses self-improvement with emphasis on instruction rather than competition. For this reason, we place special emphasis on quality instruction and pursue all applicants who have demonstrated their skill level as a player in the sport/activity, as well as their experience instructing/coaching children in the same sport/activity. Quality instruction with a healthy mix of recreational playing time not only stimulates camper interest, but also develops self-confidence. Instructors are expected to prepare a lesson plan for each activity they have been hired to teach, and each lesson plan is to take into account the different skill levels of each camper. Applicants with current certification in their hired area of expertise are preferred. Other certifications, such as first-aid & CPR, are also preferred.

Activity instructors will receive a schedule each morning indicating period by period your instructor responsibilities for that day. For the majority of our counselors, this includes instructing 2 periods in the morning and 4 periods in the afternoon. For example, you may be assigned to teach Dance for both morning periods, Gymnastics for 2 afternoon periods, and Pottery for the remaining 2 periods. For the most part, your instructor schedule varies daily.

In addition to instructing/coaching responsibilities, counselors are also responsible for "general" duties. Some of these duties include:

Counselors are expected to clean and tidy-up their cabin each morning. Your campers are assigned clean-up duties to assist you. However, only the cabin counselors are permitted to clean the cabin's bathroom since the use of disinfectants by campers is provided. Cabin inspections are performed on a daily basis by your Division Director.

Counselors are to insure their cabin campers take a shower and change clothes on a daily basis. You are also expected to visually inspect each of your campers for health concerns on a daily basis.

Counselors are expected to supervise the campers at the activity sites during the activity program. When the activity program is not operating (or when you're not instructing), you are responsible for supervising your "cabin" campers. This would include times like: cabin clean-up, wash-up periods before meals, mealtimes, free-time after meals, flagpole assemblies, rest periods, and bed-time.

All staff are required to get involved with the kids! We want you, as well as our campers, to participate in all activities and have fun at the same time. Participation is required not only during the daily activity program, but also during evening activities (socials/dances, skit nights, etc.), special events (Carnival, Boating Regatta, Olympics, Beach Bash, Backwards Day, etc.) and off-camp trips (amusement parks, etc.). For example, you're not only expected to help your campers with their Halloween costume for the Halloween social, but you too are expected to be wearing a Halloween costume! And, during the social we expect you to participate - whether it be dancing or simply helping the kids. As mentioned previously, you're the role model for your cabin campers. When you dress-up for the social, do some dancing, laugh, and have fun - so will your kids. It's that simple!

The Camper Profile Form was developed for this reason. This form is completed by the parent and is very informative for our camp staff because it typically includes parental concerns, suggestions, and objectives for the summer. These forms are on file at camp. We expect all appropriate staff to be aware of (and follow-up) all requests noted on the Forms if they concern the staff member's area of responsibility. "The details" is what separates a "good camp" from an "excellent camp", and of course, at Cayuga we're all about the details!

Some counselors will be assigned the duty of waking-up our camp population (we use a bell). This is referred to as "Wake-Up Duty". Counselors may also be assigned to monitor crowd control in the dining hall during meal times. This is referred to as "Dining Hall In-Charge Duty". In addition, some counselors may be assigned to help us serve meals (we serve cafeteria-style) in the dining hall during mealtimes. This is referred to as "Meal Serving Duty". Depending upon your daily instructional schedule and your co-cabin counselor's schedule, you may never be assigned to these duties if it interferes with camper supervision responsibilities.

Some counselors will be scheduled to assist our lifeguards as a “lookout” for special events and evening pool parties. By the way, all counselors are given a swim test and are given training as a “lookout” during staff orientation.

Occasionally a few counselors may be assigned a period or two to help our office staff or evening program staff with a special project. (We first ask for volunteers & typically get enough help.) Some of the program projects include preparing materials for our evening activities, special events and trips. Some of the office projects include sorting mail & packages, delivering phone messages, and preparing mailings to campers' parents.

Cayuga's natural landscape divides 350 acres into two separate campuses on the same estate. This is a unique feature that distinguishes Cayuga from other traditional summer camps! Each campus is located on opposite sides of our lake and operates self-sufficiently with its own Dining Hall, Gymnasium, Creative Arts Pavilion, Swimming Pool, Activity Sites, Infirmary, & Program Office. Campers entering 8th grade & lower reside on Junior Campus, which accommodates about 120 boys & 120 girls. (Click here for more details about Junior Campus.) Campers entering 8th grade & higher who are 13 years of age & older reside on Teen Campus which houses about 75 girls & 75 boys. (Click here for more details about Teen Campus.) With two separate campuses, we can provide two separate programs geared to the different age groups on each campus.

The highlight of each day at Camp Cayuga comes at night when we begin the evening activities. Whether it's MTV Nite or the Counselor Hunt, this is the time when the entire camp unites, and camper enthusiasm & spirit peaks! Our Evening Activity Program is different every night of the summer. On Junior Campus the evening program begins at 7:45pm just after flag-lowering. On Teen Campus the evening program starts at 8:45pm. In the interests of our youngsters & teenagers, most evening activities are scheduled separately on each campus. (Click here for this summer's Calendar Of Events, which includes all evening activities.)

Special Events are scheduled weekly and include some of the wackiest activities of the summer. This summer's Special Events include: The Camp Cayuga Carnival, Apache Relay, Camper-Counselor Day, Backwards Day, Annual Camp Olympics, Boating Regatta, Wacky Water Carnival, Beach Bash, Visiting Days, and full-day trips to Dorney Amusement Park & The Wild Water Kingdom, and Hershey Amusement Park & The Chocolate World. They're great days! (Click here for this summer's Calendar Of Events, which includes the dates of all Special Events & Trips.)

In an effort to get our staff members acquainted with one another and become familiar with Cayuga's facilities, an Orientation is held at camp a few days prior to the arrival of our campers. During Orientation we hold training sessions & group workshops; explain camp policies & procedures; and organize social events for our staff members. During the first-half of Orientation, counselors are housed in cabins with other counselors to help everyone get to know one another. During the second-half of Orientation, counselors move into their assigned cabins for the summer. Orientation is an important training tool for our staff because it produces a close-knit staff team, confident of their skills and prepared for their campers!

Some staff members have improved their ability as an instructor by attending a workshop prior to staff orientation. Some workshops offer certifications as well. If there’s a workshop in your local area that you’d be interested in attending, let us know. If we approve your workshop attendance prior to you enrolling in the workshop, we’ll gladly reimburse you for one-half the cost of the workshop if: 1) You successfully complete the workshop and obtain certification as a result of the workshop, and 2) You successfully complete your summer employment contract from start date to end date. Most workshops are typically sponsored by the American Red Cross. You can contact your local American Red Cross Chapter for more details.


Spending your summer at camp with happy kids & a high-caliber staff team, who are from all over the world, is a benefit that can’t be underestimated! You’ll develop strong friendships that will last a lifetime. You’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact upon the lives of our campers! You’ll utilize your talents & skills in your role as an instructor! You’ll learn to be more patient & understanding! You’ll learn all sorts of things about kids! You’ll learn about the summer camp business (policies, safety procedures, camp regulations)! You’ll also learn a great deal about yourself! And you’ll learn whether or not you still want to be a school teacher by the end of the summer (ha, ha)! The valuable rewards you’ll gain at Cayuga this summer will last forever! Yes indeed, your experience at summer camp is unlike any other life experience! (To read comments by parents & staff, click here.)

Summer salaries vary according to the applicant's educational background, current certifications, skill level, summer camp experience, experience working with children, general talents, and your level of ability as a player & instructor for each activity you're hired to teach.

Your salary includes a weekly laundering of your clothing and linens. Since the washing is done in bulk by cabin group, it is required that all staff members label their belongings for identification purposes. This free service is voluntary. There are local laundromats in Honesdale for those individuals who prefer to do their own laundering on their nights or days off.

Your salary includes 3 meals daily. All meals, with the exception of barbecues and cookouts, are served cafeteria-style in the Junior Campus and Teen Campus dining halls. Counselors sit with their cabin campers at assigned tables during meal times. We take a lot of pride in the quality of the food we serve to our staff. Our Food Service Manager is certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bureau of Food Safety and has managed Cayuga's food service for the past 5 summers. Assisting the Food Service Manager are 3 restaurant-trained chefs who prepare three well-balanced, nutritious meals daily. Our menu changes each week and is designed to appeal to the taste buds of our campers & staff. Our meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit are of the very best quality. Fruits and vegetables are served daily, in addition to a complete salad bar at the lunch and dinner meals. If you’re a vegetarian or have any other dietary restrictions, you need to discuss your limitations with us during the hiring process. (To view a typical weekly menu, click here.)

Counselors reside in comfortable modern cabins with their assigned campers. Most cabins on Junior Campus accommodate 10 campers and 2 counselors. Most Teen Campus cabins accommodate up to 21 campers and 3 counselors. Each cabin has its own bathroom. Most Junior Campus cabin bathrooms include 3 private shower stalls, 3 private toilets, and 4 sinks. Most Teen Campus cabin bathrooms include 7 private shower stalls, 7 private toilets, and 8 sinks. (To see interior photos of a typical camper cabin or to take a virtual tour of a cabin, click here.) On the other hand, Senior Staff members share a room & bathroom with another adult(s), and do not reside in the camper cabins as do counselors. Camper cabin assignments take into account the child's school grade & camp session. Counselor cabin assignments take into account your day-off schedule and your daily instructional schedule, as well as your co-cabin counselor's day-off & instructional schedule. In order to provide 24-hour supervision, there's always a counselor on duty with each cabin group!

There really isn’t much free time at camp for anyone! Our campers are “in-action” from morning until bedtime, and our staff members are “in-action” too … supervising & caring for the kids! (Click here for typical daily time schedule.)  But after your campers have retired after an action-packed day/evening program, you & your co-cabin counselor can rotate your free time in Cayuga’s staff lounge. As long as one of you are at the cabin with your campers, the other counselor can enjoy some “down-time” at the staff lounge. The lounge was recently constructed and features satellite television & high-speed internet access (you supply laptop). It’s a nice cozy place reserved exclusively for counselors, kitchen, & maintenance staff. Incidentally, the Cayuga Game Room is located in the same building and available to all counselors during downtime too! 

All staff members receive 12 nights-off and 6 days-off and during the camp’s 54-day season. Six nights-off are scheduled on the evening before your day-off and the remaining 6 nights-off take place on the evening of your day-off. For example: If your day-off is Thursday, your nights-off are Wednesday (the night before your day-off) and Thursday (the night of your day-off). For this example, you can depart camp at 7:00pm on Wednesday and need not return to camp until after midnight on Thursday night (it’s actually 12:15am on Friday). Your cabin curfew is 12:30am. (Senior Staff curfew is 1:00am.) Having a night-off, followed by a day-off, and the night of your day-off is a nice block of free time to visit the neighboring Pocono Mountain attractions, such as Bushkill Falls, white water rafting, and Scranton's discount clothing outlets. In the past, some counselors have visited other fun places like New York City, Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. In addition, Camp Cayuga is only 6 miles from the village of Honesdale (the birthplace of the American Railroad!). Honesdale is a fast-growing community loaded with many conveniences, including sandwich & coffee shops, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, K-Mart, Walmart (open 24-hours), the Townhouse diner, local library, movie theatre, laundromats, car rental service, auto repair shops, and plenty of gas stations. By the way, you’re welcome to spend your days/nights-off at camp (but you’d be crazy - ha ha!). Most camp facilities are available to off-duty staff members as long as your use doesn’t interfere with our camper’s activity program.