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On-Line Employment Application

All applicants are required to complete an employment application in its entirety. The on-line application below is for United States citizens and residents who have a green card or other documentation authorizing employment in the United States. If you do not currently possess the required papers/documentation for employment in the USA,  click here and follow the instructions for “international applicants”.
If you’d prefer to mail or fax your completed employment application, click here for a printable version. For nurses & other medical personnel, click here for a printable version of the “Medical Staff” Employment Application. For cooks & other food service personnel,  click here for a printable version of the “Food Service” Employment Application.

You must be at least 19 years old or have completed one year of college to be considered for employment with Camp Cayuga.

*First Name: 
*Last Name: 
*Gender:  Male Female
*Date of Birth: 
Height:   feet & inches
Weight: lbs.
Social Security Number:
What is your Martial Status:  
Single Married Separated Divorced Remarried Widowed
Is your spouse interested in employment? Yes   No   I have no spouse
Do you object to being assigned a roommate? Yes   No
Do you have any children? Yes   No
If yes, will your child(ren) accompany you to camp? Yes   No
If yes, what is/are the age(s) and the gender(s) of your child(ren)?
Does your child(ren) have any behavioral problems or special circumstances involving physical or psychological handicaps? If yes please explain. Yes   No
Does your child(ren) have any behavioral problems or special circumstances involving physical or psychological handicaps? If yes please explain. Yes   No
How important is it for you and your children to be housed on the same campus?  
  Not Important Prefer, but not necessary Very Important
Will your child(ren) sleep in a cabin with other campers or with you? In cabin with campers   With me
Can your child(ren) sleep on a top bunk bed? Yes   No
Does your child(ren) have any special dietary restrictions? Yes   No

*What dates are you available for work? Start Date:   
  End Date: 
Are you interested in pre-camp maintenance employment in early June? Yes   No
Please indicate the total summer salary you desire: 

Please provide the following CURRENT ADDRESS information:       
*My current address is the same as my permanent address. If yes, skip the below Current Address Section and complete the Permanent Address Section. 
*My current address and phone number expires on (date) 
*Current Street Address: 
Address (cont.): 
*Zip/Postal Code: 
Current Telephone:
Current Work Telephone: 
Current Fax: 
*Current Email: 
Alternate Email: 
Cell Phone: 
Please Provide PERMANENT ADDRESS Information:   
*Street Address: 
Address (cont.): 
*Permanent County: 
*Zip/Postal Code: 
Home Phone: 
Home Fax: 
*Personal Email: 
Cell Phone: 
Work Telephone: 
Work Fax: 
Work Email: 
I am currently: (Check all that apply)  
United States Citizen
College Student
Graduate Student
High School Student - (no positions available to you)
College Graduate
Certified School Teacher
Student Teacher
Teacher's Assistant
Registered/Licensed Nurse
Medical Doctor/Physician
My full-time job does not include summer employment.

Name of college attending/attended: 
Number of years attended: 
Are you pursuing a nursing degree? Yes  No 
Do you hold a medical degree? Yes   No 
Are you in pursuit of a teaching certificate? Yes  No 
Are you currently a school teacher? Yes  No 
If yes, how many years have you been teaching?
If yes, what age are the children you teach?
If yes, what subject(s) do you teach?
Are you interested in tutoring children this summer? Yes  No 
Have you tutored children in the past? Yes   No 
Are you fluent in any language? Yes   No 
If yes, what languages?

Please put a check mark next to those activities you can organize, lead and teach. You can apply for as many different positions as you'd like.
Instructor/Activity Positions:
Animal Care/Petting Zoo
Arts - Air Brushing
Arts - Calligraphy
Arts - Ceramics
Arts - Copper Enameling
Arts - Kiln Operation
Arts - Lanyard
Arts - Macramé
Arts - Painting
Arts - Pottery
Arts - Pottery Wheel Operation
Arts - Silk Screening
Arts - Sketching/Drawing
Arts & Crafts
Campfire Songs Skits
Chorus - Lead Singing
Circus - Clowning
Circus - Devil Sticks
Circus - Diabolo
Circus - Juggling
Circus - Magic Tricks
Circus - Plate Spinning
Circus - Stilt Walking
Circus - Unicycling
Climbing Wall
Dance - Ballet
Dance - Belly Dancing
Dance - Choreography
Dance - Hip Hop
Dance - Jazz
Dance - Modern Dance
Dance - Social
Dance - Tap
Drama - Acting
Exercise & Fitness
Extreme Sport Jumping
Field Hockey
Flag Football
Floor Hockey
Flying Trapeze - High
Flying Trapeze - Low
Flying Trapeze-Spanish Web
Foreign Languages
Gymnastics-Balance Beam
Gymnastics-Parallel Bars
Gymnastics-Floor Exercises
Gymnastics-Uneven Bars
Horseback - English Riding
Horseback - Western Riding
Horseback - Stable Management
Infirmary Assistance
Jogging- Track & Field
Martial Arts 
Model Rocketry
Mountain Biking
Mountain Bike Repair
Musical Instruments
Newspaper Production
Photography Darkroom
Ping Pong
Quad (ATV 4-Wheelers)
Radio Broadcasting
Rock Climbing & Rappelling
Roller Hockey
Roller Skating/Blading
Ropes Course - High Ropes
Ropes Course - Low Ropes
Scuba Diving
Swim Team Coaching
Swim Instruction
Tutoring - Academics
Video Camera Operation
Video Game Room Supervisor
Water Polo
Weight Training
Zip Line

Senior Staff Positions:   
Adventure & Wilderness Director
Archery Supervisor
ATV Supervisor
Bungee/Trampoline Director
Arts - Tye Dying
Arts - Sign Painting
Arts - Decoupage
Arts - Beading
Athletic Director
Canteen (Camp Store) Supervisor
Circus Program Director
Creative Arts Director
Drama - Directing Plays
Drama - Set Production
Drama - Improvisation
Driver - 15-Passenger Van (CDL required)
Driver - School Bus (CDL required)
Evening Activity Director
Food Service Manager
Gymnastics Director
Head Counselor/Division Director
Horsemanship Director
Horseback Dressage
Horseback Jumping
Horseback Horse Care
Horseback Stable Manager
Intercamp Games Director
Kitchen Support Staff
Lakefront Director
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Support Staff
Media Arts Director
Nurse, Physician, Medical Assistant
Office - Administration
Office - Receptionist
Office - Computers
Office - Mailings
Office - Website
Paintball Director
Paintball Equipment Repair
Performing Arts Director
Petting Zoo - Animal Care
Pool Director
Program Activities Director
Program - Assistant Director
Riflery Supervisor
Special Events Director
USTA Tennis Director
Trips Director
Transportation Director/Mechanic
Trapeze Director
Waterfront Director

I hold the following certifications:   
Adult CPR, Child CPR, Community CPR
American Canoeing Certification
American Red Cross (ARC) Lifeguard
ARC Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
ARC Community First Aid
ARC Standard First Aid
ARC Sailing Small Craft
ARC Wilderness First-Aid
ASA Preliminary Teachers Certification
ASA Teachers Certificate (European)
Belay Certification
Bronze Medallion (European)
Boy Scouts Lifeguard
Bus Driver's License
CHA Certification (Horsemanship)
Commercial Driver's License (limo, taxi, etc.)
EMT, RN, LPN, Nurse Practitioner, MD
ESL Certification
Head Lifeguard Endorsement
Matial Arts
NAA Archery Instructor Cerification
NOLS Wilderness Ed Certification
NRA Certification (Riflery)
Pool/Beach Lifeguard Bronze Medallion
Ropes Course Certification
USTA Tennis Certification
Water Park or Waterfront Endorsement
YMCA Swimming Instructor
YMCA Lifeguard
Other Certifications (please list)

Check all that apply:      

I attended sleepaway camp as a child.
I attended day camp as a child.
I have previously worked at a sleepaway camp.
I previously worked at day camp.
I have no summer camp work experience.
I currently hold a valid driver's license and I can drive a car.
I will have an automobile at camp.
I can drive a 15 passenger van and I am 21 yrs old or older.
I currently hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) for driving limos, vans, etc. 
      If yes, describe your CDL experience:

I currently hold a valid Bus Driver's License with school bus passenger endorsement.
      If yes, describe your CDL Bus Driver experience:

I am willing to take a Commercial Driver's Test (in my home state) for transporting campers.
       (The cost of your test is reimbursable).
I have dietary restrictions.
      If checked, please explain:
I have physical/mental conditions that may limit my ability to care for/supervise children at camp.
        If checked, please explain:
I smoke cigarettes/tobacco.
I can swim.
I take prescription (RX drugs) for a medical condition or recurring disease.
      If checked, please explain:
I can lead a worship service. (Cayuga is a nonsectarian/ nondenominational private camp.)
      If checked, what religion:  

Do you have any visible tattoos that could be offensive to young children.  Yes   No
       If yes, please explain:

Do you have any visible body piercings (other than ears).  Yes   No 
      If yes, please explain:

Have you ever been convicted of child abuse or a sexual abuse offense?*    Yes   No

Have you ever been accused or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor?*    Yes   No
       If yes, please explain:

If applying for an instructor/counselor position, which age group do you prefer to share a cabin with?
If you are applying for a counselor position, keep in mind all counselors are hired as instructors. Please indicate below the activities you are most qualified to teach. Describe your personal experiences, qualifications, proficiencies, awards won and certificates earned for each of your top 3 choices. Include your experiences as a competitor/player AND as a teacher/coach for each of your top 3 areas.
What is your First Choice Instructor Position?
What is your Second Choice Instructor Position?
What is your Third Choice Instructor Position?
If you are applying for a Senior Staff position, indicate your top 2 choices below and describe the characteristics you possess that will make you an effective supervisory staff member. Include your qualifications, proficiencies, awards won, and certifications earned for each of your top 2 positions you are applying for.
If you are applying for a Medical Position (nurse, doctor, infirmary assistant) please indicate the certifications/licenses you currently hold, how long you have held the the certifications/licenses, and the extent of your experience providing medical care to children.
If you are applying for a Food Service Position, please describe the extent of your cooking skills and food service experience. Also indicate the certifications you currently hold (if any), as well as your experience in quantity food production, kitchen management (supervising staff), and operation of kitchen equipment.
For all applicants: What is your experience in working with children ages 5 to 15?
For all applicants: What do you think are the most important aspects to being an excellent staff member?
For all applicants: What contributions do you think you can make to Cayuga and its campers?

Most recent Previous Camp Employment Employment:   
Have you worked at a camp previously? Yes   No
  If yes, name of camp: 
  Type of camp:  Day Camp
Sleepaway Camp
Other (please explain)
  Camp Address: 
  Camp Director's Name: 
  Camp's Telephone Number: 
  Camp's Email Address: 
  Dates of Employment: 
  Position Held: 

Past Employment Experience: 
Employer #1: 
  Employer's Name: 
  Employer's Address: 
  Employer's Telephone Number: 
  Employer's Email Address: 
  Dates of Employment: 
  Position Held: 
Employer #2: 
  Employer's Name: 
  Employer's Address: 
  Employer's Telephone Number: 
  Employer's Email Address: 
  Dates of Employment: 
  Position Held: 
Character References: 
Please list names and telephone numbers of 3 people (Not Relatives!) who have knowledge of your abilities, experience and character.
  Reference #1        
  Name:   Daytime Phone:
  Address:   Evening Phone:
  City:   Relationship:
  State:   Zip Code:
  Reference #2        
  Name:   Daytime Phone:
  Address:   Evening Phone:
  City:   Relationship:
  State:   Zip Code:
  Reference #3        
  Name:   Daytime Phone:
  Address:   Evening Phone:
  City:   Relationship:
  State:   Zip Code:

How did you first learn of Camp Cayuga?      
Cayuga Staff Member. If yes, indicate staff members name.
Cayuga Camper. If yes, indicate Camper name.
A newspaper advertisement.
Surfing the Internet.
If you learned about us through the internet, what website directory? Select one:
If you selected "other" website directory, please specify:
If you selected "university/college" online job career website, what university? Select one:
If you selected "other university/college", please specify:

I hereby certify that I have not knowingly withheld any information that might adversely affect my chances for employment and that the answers given by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further certify that I, the undersigned applicant, have personally completed this application. I understand that any omission or misstatement of material fact on this application or on any document used to secure employment shall be grounds for rejection of this application or for immediate discharge if I am employed, regardless of the time elapsed before discovery. I also authorize Camp Cayuga to investigate my references, work record, education and other matters related to my suitability for employment and, further, authorize the references I have listed to provide to the camp any and all relevant information and opinions, without giving me prior notice of such disclosure. I release such persons and organizations from any legal liability in making such statements.
By checking this box, I understand and consent to these statements.*