The Adventure & Wilderness Program utilizes 350 secluded acres of unspoiled hardwood and evergreen forestland, embellished with fields, streams, and a nature stream-fed lake. Campers are provided the opportunity to explore Cayuga’s beautiful natural surroundings, which still remain rich in wildlife since the area was first occupied by the Cayuga Indian Tribe over 300 years ago. Our program fosters in children the appreciation of nature and the outdoors. Whether you are mountain biking on scenic wooded trails or relaxing around a campfire with your friends, you’ll gain an appreciation for the outdoors and have fun too!


* Rock Climb on the 32-foot high three-sided climbing tower.
* Maneuver your way to the top of the tower’s obstacle wall.
* Learn to rappel.
* Glide 205 feet through the woods on the zip line.


    * Sleep-out under the Pocono Mountains stars.
    * Relax around the campfire with your friends, tell stories, laugh, and sing songs.
    * Take an evening trail ride, and afterwards campout in the woods with your horse on a horseback overnight.


    * Take a nature hike and admire the nature surroundings.
    * Learn how to read a compass.
    * Mountain bike on scenic wooded trails.
    * Enjoy peaceful fishing in a quiet corner of the lake.
    * Feed and water our bunnies, goats, calf, and miniature horse at the petting zoo.
    * Take our goat or mini-horse for a walk.
    * Learn to safely operate an ATV.
    * Learn the ancient skills of survival - shelter, water, fire, food.


    * Collect wood and set-up your cookout site.
    * Grill burgers & hot dogs over an open fire.
    * Prepare s'mores for an evening snack.


      * Paddle down the white-water rapids on the Delaware River Rafting Trip.
      * Appreciate the beautiful natural surroundings!
      * Backpack the scenic wooded trails at Ricketts Glen State Park.
      * Walk under the waterfalls, feel the cool mist around you, and cool-off in the basin of the falls!


      The Adventure & Wilderness Program is supervised by a qualified adult who the ability to oversee all outdoor adventure activities, as well as the experience in operating a high ropes course. The activity specialists are college-aged students and graduate students who hold certification or documented experience in teaching outdoor adventure skills to children. There’s always a staff member present at the ropes course who holds current certification in first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


        Harnesses, safety lines, trained spotters, and experienced instructors provide the safe nurturing environment needed to promote self-confidence and self-esteem. Cayuga’s ropes course meets the standards and guidelines set forth by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and the American Camping Association (ACA). It is inspected annually by a certified ACCT course inspector.


        (Mid-September to early June): 
        PO Box 151 - Suite INT
        Peapack, New Jersey 07977
        Telephone: 908-470-1224
        Fax: 908-470-1228


        (Mid-June to early September):
        321 Niles Pond Rd. - Suite INT
        Honesdale, PA 18431
        Telephone: 570-253-3133


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