The Circus Program offers instruction in a variety of circus acts, including diabolo, juggling, plate spinning, devil sticks, and the slack line. The program utilizes two static trapeze rigs for learning other circus acts, such as the spanish web, aerial silks, lyra (aerial hoop), and corde lisse (aerial rope). Precise coordination and concentration are the two basic skills you will learn this summer. While many of the world's greatest circus performers are 7th and 8th generation performers, you will be amazed what you can learn in just one summer! Circus Arts is an elective activity for campers entering 5th grade and higher. Juniors are scheduled this activity twice a week.


    The Circus Arts Program is supervised by our circus director who is a trained circus artist with experience in operating an instructional circus program for children. Our staff includes university-level instructors who have documented skills in their area of expertise. The instructors are trained, evaluated, and qualified by the circus director before the campers arrive.


    For the more serious circus performer, you can join the circus clinic. There are no try-outs or age restrictions. All campers are welcome to join. Each clinic provides exposure to a wide spectrum of circus acts, some of which are more difficult than others. The clinics are voluntary, included in the tuition, and a lot of fun. No advance registration is required. Campers simply sign-up at camp. Our most popular clinic acts are described below. Note: Campers can also sign-up for the Circus Show, which is an exciting evening activity loaded with dazzling routines and a thrill to watch!  


    Precise balance is the fundamental skill that’s emphasized when learning how to unicycle and stilt walk. You'll become a ‘wizard on wheels’ as you learn the unique skill of riding a unicycle. Stilt Walking is even more fun than it looks, and it's astounding how quickly you'll learn how to do it.


      Defy gravity on the slender, shimmering silver strand - the Tight Wire! For training purposes, the wire is less than 3 feet off the ground, but the thrill still exists when you make it across the wire to safety! With a bit of concentration, you'll be surprised how easy it is when you use our ‘balance-pole’.


      The Rolling Globe Act is a favorite! You'll learn how to keep your balance as you walk on top of the globe while it rolls. The faster you walk, faster the globe rolls. Our circus staff will teach you a few secrets to help keep your balance.


        You'll flip over these two circus acts! They look more difficult than they actually are. These acts are loads of fun for everyone, so give it a try. Gymnastics experience is a bonus, but not necessary. 


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