Jump into the action and bounce your way to fun at one of Cayuga’s wildest activities - EXTREME SPORT JUMPING. It takes place on our bungee trampoline, which is a large rig that combines a trampoline system with a bungee cord system. The rig features 4 separate trampolines, so 4 campers can participate at one time. It also features a patented bungee cord system that includes a hydraulic lift that automatically readjusts the height settings on the rig as you jump higher and higher. With this safety feature, you can’t over-stretch the bungee cord while jumping. There’s no other system like it. The bungee cord can propel you up to 24 feet in the air!


    Extreme Sport Jumping is offered daily in the Elective Program for campers entering 5th grade and higher. Junior Division campers, who are entering 4th grade and lower, are scheduled extreme sport jumping about twice a week. Additional periods are available upon parental request.


    Can you imagine what it’s like jumping-up 24 feet in the air? Can you imagine doing mid-air rolls? Can you see yourself doing flips upside down? And with no fear of falling or bouncing off? That’s right… You can’t fall off the trampoline because you’re wearing a harness that’s hooked-up to a bungee cord. (It’s similar to the harness you wear when you’re flying on the trapeze).


      The extreme sport jumping staff are college-aged counselors who are trained and qualified prior to the arrival of our campers. They are familiar with the operational and safety procedures set forth by the trampoline’s manufacturer, and have demonstrated the ability to provide mature guidance and instruction.

      IT'S FUN

      Extreme sport jumping was originally developed for athletic training purposes by Olympic trainers. It’s great exercise, and that’s one reason why campers enjoy this activity. But perhaps the biggest reason why extreme sport jumping is so popular at Cayuga is because... IT’S FUN!


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