The Creative Arts Program features a broad spectrum of activities that provide campers the opportunity to express themselves artistically. There are plenty of projects offered daily - everything from braiding to sculpting.


    The Arts & Crafts program is all-encompassing and includes t-shirt creations (tie dyeing, air brushing, fabric painting, silk screening), painting (water color & acrylics), drawing, sketching (charcoal pencils), jewelry making, beading, basket weaving, lanyards & braiding, leather crafts, macramé, paper mache & plaster projects, wood projects, copper enameling, block printing, needle craft, mask making, decoupage, shrinky dinks, model rocketry, and nature crafts. The Arts & Crafts is an elective activity for campers entering 5th grade and higher, and is offered every period every day. Our Junior Division (4th grade and lower) is scheduled Arts & Crafts, along with pottery and ceramics, about four days a week.  


      The pottery and ceramics programs are very popular, and like Arts & Crafts, they operate daily. The pottery program features 15 pottery wheels on Junior Campus and 9 wheels on Teen Campus. The ceramics program features large studios that provide plenty of space for campers who enjoy clay work, sculpting, glazing and firing. There are three kilns on Junior Campus and one on Teen Campus.


      The creative arts program operates independently on each campus. Each art department is supervised by a director who is an art teacher qualified to instruct all levels of art expression. Assisting the art directors are talented university-level instructors who are studying or majoring in art, and have been hired to teach their area of expertise. Under the guidance of our art directors, instruction is patient and geared to the camper’s ability. Whether you’re a beginner at pottery or an expert at basket weaving, you’ll have fun at creative arts!


      The Teen Campus Art Center was expanded in 2019 and now measures 105’ by 30’. It includes an open-air pavilion area, pottery room with 9 wheels, kiln room, and indoor project rooms. The Creative Arts Pavilion on Junior Campus measures 150’ by 50’. It includes a large open-air project area, pottery room with 15 wheels, ceramics studio, and a room for t-shirt creations. With over 7500 square feet of space, there’s plenty of space for campers to be creative and display their projects!


        The Media Arts Program includes three activities that are offered daily - camp newspaper, digital photography, and radio broadcasting. The camp newspaper is popular with campers who enjoy expressing themselves through creative writing. Campers are given options for their writing assignments and get involved in researching facts, conducting personal interviews, and so on. Their articles are published in the Cayuga Chronicle, our camper newspaper, about every two weeks.


        Digital Photography includes basic fundamental instruction in camera use and taking photographs. It is scheduled daily as a double period (about two hours). Cayuga supplies the cameras and equipment. The colorful prints taken by our campers in the past have been spectacular! 


        Radio Broadcasting is offered daily on Teen Campus, and is popular with teens who simply enjoy listening to music. Each radio show features plenty of music, song dedications, and general announcements including birthday greetings, intercamp tournament scores, and upcoming events. This activity is overseen by Cayuga’s disc jockey who has DJ experience at the college-level.


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