Camp Cayuga features a top-notch tennis program in a traditional camp setting, providing campers a well-rounded activity program, with the opportunity to concentrate on tennis. Tennis lessons are patient and thorough, and taught at all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Instructors are assigned 2 to 5 campers per lesson. The lesson is 50-minutes in length, and includes a mix of instruction and recreation.


    For the serious tennis player, private lessons are available with Cayuga’s tennis director or one of his qualified assistants. With 10 tennis courts, private lessons can be accommodated without interfering with the regular tennis instructional program. While the standard ratio of 2 to 5 campers per instructor is satisfactory, nothing beats one-on-one instruction! Private tennis lessons are optional and advance registration is required.


    The Tennis Center features 10 hard-surfaced courts that are in excellent condition. Top quality racquets are provided in various lengths, head sizes, and weights. The tennis director will restring and regrip the racquets as needed. Campers are permitted to bring their own racquet to camp. Ball machines are utilized by the staff to assist during instruction, and thousands of new tennis balls are purchased each summer to ensure you get the best bounce!


    The Tennis Program is supervised by our tennis director who has experience operating a tennis program for children. The staff is comprised of qualified instructors who provide top-notch instruction under the guidance of the tennis director. All instructors are university-level players who have documented experience coaching/teaching tennis to children. Instruction is geared to the camper's individual skill level. Prior to the arrival of our campers, each instructor is trained, evaluated, and qualified by the tennis director. Cayuga meets the standards and follows the guidelines set forth by the United States Tennis Association (USTA), as well as the American Camping Association (ACA).


      If you're a tennis competitor, you'll be happy to learn that Cayuga's tennis team travels to neighboring camps to compete in intercamp tennis matches at various skill levels. All campers are eligible to join the tennis team since there are no try-outs! You can also compete in tennis matches without leaving camp by participating in Cayuga's round-robin tournaments. Intercamp tennis matches and round-robin tournaments are voluntary. If you enjoy playing tennis on a competitive level, listen for the announcements and sign-up at camp.


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      (Mid-June to early September):
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      Telephone: 570-253-3133


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