The highlight of each day comes at night when we begin the Evening Activities. Whether it's the Halloween Social or Talent Show, this is the time when the entire camp unites and camper enthusiasm & spirit peaks! The Evening Activities begin after the flag-lowering assembly at 7:45pm on Junior Campus, and 8:30pm on Teen Campus. A different evening activity is scheduled each night. In the interest of all campers, most Evening Activities take place separately on each campus. We've listed below many of the Evening Activities that have taken place over the past few summers. To see the what’s planned for this summer, go to Calendar of Events.

    • Mission Impossible
    • Rat Race
    • Scramble Scrabble
    • Fourth of July Fireworks
    • Cayuga Counselor Show
    • Tribute to Chief Cayuga
    • Scavenger Hunt
    •  Big Talent Show
    • Cayuga Trivia Night
    •  Oscars Trophy Ceremony
    •  Super Hero Social
    •  Capture the Lantern
    •  Rave Social
    • Deja Vu Night
    • Man Hunt
    • Battle of the Sexes
    •  Flying Trapeze Shows
    •  Amazing Race
    •  Into the Jungle Social
    •  Lip Sync Competition
    • Hawaiian Pool Party
    • Mock Beauty Pageant
    • Cabin Skit Night
    •  Mini Drama Productions
    • Human Bingo
    • Let's Make a Deal
    • Stars in Your Eyes
    •  Gold Rush
    • Cayuga Clue
    • Halloween Costume Social
    •  Minute to Win it
    • Capture The Flag
    •  Glow Party Social
    • Name That Tune
    •  Family Feud
    •  I Can Do That
    •  Counselor Survivor
    •  Campfires
    • Counselor Hunt
    • Fun & Games Night
    •  Disney Social
    • Treasure Hunt
    •  Cayuga Wrestling Federation
    •  Internet Social
    •  Prom and Banquet
    • Las Vegas Night $$
    • Super Stars Challenge
    • Sing-Down
    • Sadie Hawkins Chase
    • Circus Shows
    • Heat Wave Pool Party
    • Closing Ceremonies


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      (Mid-June to early September):
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      Telephone: 570-253-3133


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