Since our beginning in residential camping in 1957, the Buynak Family has promised a safe, healthy, and fun-filled summer for children. But we deliver much more! We have fostered in children the development of new skills, the sharpening of old skills, the appreciation of nature, and the beginning of lifetime friendships. As we enter this coming season, our camping philosophy remains unchanged. We are committed to bringing children of diverse backgrounds together in a healthy camp environment where the youngster will be given the opportunity and the help to develop artistically, athletically, and socially. Our campers will learn the importance of friendship, independence, and cooperation with others - all of which are instrumental in a child's development. Camp Cayuga ... It lasts a lifetime!


    Each summer campers travel to Camp Cayuga from across the United States, Europe and Asia. While most campers are from the metropolitan areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, we continue to have a diverse camper and staff population who last summer traveled from 26 states and 17 countries. It’s fascinating to watch these international campers as they learn the English language and experience American culture from their cabinmates. The value of such an exchange can’t be underestimated.


      Cayuga is a nonsectarian camp that caters to children and staff of all religious affiliations. Religious services are available and attendance is optional. For campers of the Jewish faith, we offer a voluntary lakeside service on Fridays. Christian campers are transported to Honesdale where churches of various denominations are located. In the past, the great majority of our campers have expressed very little interest in attending these services.


      (Mid-September to early June): 
      PO Box 151 - Suite INT
      Peapack, New Jersey 07977
      Telephone: 908-470-1224
      Fax: 908-470-1228


      (Mid-June to early September):
      321 Niles Pond Rd. - Suite INT
      Honesdale, PA 18431
      Telephone: 570-253-3133


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