Special Events are a lot of fun for everyone! They take place every week and include some of the wackiest activities of the summer. Some special events are full-day events, while others may last for just a few hours. Certain events involve the entire camper population, while others may involve only a division (Juniors, Intermediates, etc). Most special events are voluntary, but with the incentive to earn ‘cabin points’, practically everyone participates. Cabin points are earned throughout the summer, and are awarded to cabin groups for their participation, enthusiasm, and spirit. Cabin points help motivate our campers, and they work! The boy’s & girl’s cabin with the most points at the end of every two weeks is awarded a special party, such as a heated pool party at BB’s pool or a late-night ice cream party. We've listed below many of the special events and clinics that have taken place over the past few summers. To see what’s planned for this summer, go to Calendar of Events.

  • Annual Cayuga Olympics
  •  Harry Potter Day
  •  Wet & Wild Water Carnival
  • Circus Clinic
  •  Silly Sunglasses Day
  • Apache Relay Races
  •  Big Beach Bash
  • Camper-Counselor Day
  • Odd Shoe Day
  • Basketball Clinic
  •  Fourth of July Celebration
  • yaD sdrawkcaB
  •  Color Run
  • Tie Dye T-Shirt Day
  • Mustache Madness
  •  Boating Regatta
  • Iron Man Competition
  •  Scuba Diving Clinics
  • Big Hair Day
  •  Baseball Clinic
  • Crazy Hat for lunch
  • Lucky Lotto Lunches
  • Banquet Trophy Ceremony
  •  Late-Night Ice Cream Parties
  •  Karaoke Lunches
  •  Teenside Rookie Day
  •  Soccer Clinic
  • Camp Carnival
  •  Mud Run
  • Survival Clinic
  •  Polar Bear Club
  • Sibling Club


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