Cayuga’s water sports program meets the standards and follows the guidelines set forth by the American Red Cross (ARC), as well as the American Camping Association (ACA).

    Cayuga has two swimming pools: one on Junior Campus (measuring 75’ by 35’) and the other on Teen Campus (50’ by 30’). The pools are utilized for recreational swimming, swim instruction, intercamp swim meets, special events (eg. water carnival, olympics) and a variety of water sports. Each pool is equipped with lights for certain evening activities like the Hawaiian pool party. The main pool is also used for the polar bear club. If you enjoy early morning dips in cold water (like a polar bear), join the club and meet the ‘other bears’ bright and early at the pool. It’s exhilarating, and a brisk refreshing way to start your day! 

      Activity Program

      The water sports program offers several elective activities throughout each day, including swim instruction, recreational swimming, snorkeling, water polo, water basketball, and water volleyball. The activity program for Juniors (entering 4th grade and lower) includes swim instruction and recreational swim every day. On your first visit to the pool, you’ll take a simple swim test for our waterfront staff to determine your swimming level ability. The staff will give you a wristband that signifies your swimming ability. The wristband serves as a useful tool for our lifeguards and is worn at all times. 


      Cayuga’s activity program is noncompetitive in nature, but healthy competition finds its way into the program on a voluntary basis through the intercamp tournament program. If you enjoy competitive swimming, you’re encouraged to sign-up for the swim team and compete with campers from nearby camps. It’s a great way to add a little Cayuga spirit to your summer, and widen your travels too!


        Scuba diving clinics are operated by PADI certified scuba diving instructors from Inland Water Sports, who have an outstanding reputation for their professionalism, ability to instruct children, quality equipment, and emphasis on safety. Scuba diving classes are conducted at the main pool where you’ll learn the fundamentals in equipment use, underwater breathing with tanks, equalizing pressure techniques, and clearing goggles. The course outline abides by the same safety guidelines as professional scuba diving schools, and safety rules are carefully reviewed and practiced. Clinics are one hour in length and scheduled throughout the summer. Campers with basic swimming skills are eligible to participate. This clinic is optional and advance registration is required. The online registration form is located on your dashboard under ‘forms & documents’. Campers who successfully complete the clinic are awarded a Cayuga scuba diving certificate.


        The water sports program is supervised by our pool directors who are certified water safety instructors (WSI) with experience in organizing swim classes, managing staff, and maintaining pool facilities. Our pool staff is comprised of swim instructors and lifeguards who hold American Red Cross certification or equivalent, and lookouts who are certified in first-aid and CPR. All waterfront staff are trained in emergency and rescue procedures, and qualified by the pool directors before campers arrive.


        (Mid-September to early June): 
        PO Box 151 - Suite INT
        Peapack, New Jersey 07977
        Telephone: 908-470-1224
        Fax: 908-470-1228


        (Mid-June to early September):
        321 Niles Pond Rd. - Suite INT
        Honesdale, PA 18431
        Telephone: 570-253-3133


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