The Performing Arts Program provides an opportunity for self-expression in a variety of different ways. Whether you’re acting in a skit, dancing in a recital, or playing the guitar, our staff will encourage you to express yourself in the style you feel most comfortable. Our performing arts program focuses on instruction in three main areas: drama, dance, and music.


    The Drama Program includes instruction in basic acting techniques. If you enjoy theatre performances, you’ll be happy to learn that mini drama shows take place throughout the summer. You can audition for an acting part, assist with lighting and sound, or get involved with creating stage sets, props, and costumes. Our evening activity program also affords many opportunities for acting and performing on stage with scheduled events like cabin skit night, lip snyc battle, and MTV night, and many more.


    The Dance Program features instruction in modern dance, ballet, and social dance (hip-hop). Yoga, zumba, and aerobic classes are also offered daily as an elective activity. The girl’s junior division is scheduled dance/aerobics about twice a week. If you’re a dance enthusiast, you can join the dance club and perform your favorite routine in our dance recital in front of the entire camp!


    The Music Program offers instruction in guitar, drums, and keyboards. You can also find in our music room a trombone, trumpet, tambourines, bongos, and maracas. Campers don’t need to bring their instrument to camp. If you enjoy singing, you can sign-up for our choir activity, or for laughs you can sing your favorite song at our ‘karaoke lunches’. Musicians and singers have plenty of opportunities to perform on stage during evening activities like the ‘big talent show’ and ‘Stars in your eyes’.


      Do you enjoy going to the theatre? Trips are scheduled every two weeks to the Forestburgh Playhouse, which has earned a fine reputation for its youth theatre productions. Their plays include ‘the classics’, which have proven to be very popular with our campers. Forestburgh Playhouse was founded in 1947 and is the oldest continuously operating summer theatre in New York. It’s located about an hour from camp. To attend a theatre production, tell your Division Director or sign-up during the elective sign-up period in the morning. Advance registration is not necessary. Theatre trips are optional and not included in the tuition. For playhouse trip dates, go to Calendar of Events.


        Acting classes are scheduled in the performing arts building on Junior Campus and in Rec Center on Teen Campus. Dance, aerobics, zumba, and yoga classes take place in the dance studios on each campus. The studios feature wall-to-wall mirrors, ballet bar, step-up blocks, and floor mats. Music classes take place in the piano room inside the performing arts building, as well as outdoors in a quiet secluded area.


        (Mid-September to early June): 
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        Peapack, New Jersey 07977
        Telephone: 908-470-1224
        Fax: 908-470-1228


        (Mid-June to early September):
        321 Niles Pond Rd. - Suite INT
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        Telephone: 570-253-3133


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