Our Flying Trapeze Program brings a high level of excitement to your summer camp experience. It’s a thrill of a lifetime to fly through the air! This is a progressive program that's categorized into achievement levels. So, the quicker you learn the skills at each level, the faster you'll move ahead in the program. Instruction is given on a one-on-one basis and is geared to your physical abilities. You'll learn to deal with both physical and mental challenges, and at the same time, enjoy the excitement of ‘flying through the air’. In a matter of days, you can be performing dazzling routines with flawless flying flare! The flying trapeze is an elective activity for campers entering 5th grade and higher. Juniors are scheduled this activity twice a week.  


    The program is headed-up by our flying trapeze director who is a professional and trained trapeze performer with experience in operating an instructional trapeze program for children. Our staff is comprised of 5-6 trained and qualified individuals who provide instruction under the guidance of the trapeze director. In addition to the high-flying trapeze rig, the program utilizes two static trapeze rigs for training purposes. These static rigs feature a ‘low bar’ that is ideal for beginners when practicing their skill exercises, such as knee hangs.


    Here are a few skill exercises you’ll learn this summer.
    * Climbing the ladder, stepping out and standing on the pedestal, grasping the bar, leaving the pedestal, swinging, releasing the bar, landing in the net, and getting out of the net.
    * Practicing knee hangs, bird's nests, and splits on the ‘low’ static trapeze, and afterwards doing the same on the ‘high’ flying trapeze.
    * Leaving the pedestal without assistance, pumping while swinging & maintaining proper form, and returning to the pedestal.
    * Flying to the catcher in a knee hang, bird's nest, and/or split position, releasing the fly bar without being prompted, and grabbing hold of the catcher.
    * Flying to the catcher using a variety of other techniques, such as ‘penny drop’, inverted leg, ‘over the bar’, and ‘fly aways’.
    * Learning how to be a catcher.


      The Flying Trapeze Show is the ‘greatest show’ in camp! It takes place in front of the entire camp population, and a real thrill to watch. You will be amazed to see the dazzling routines performed by our campers. The trapeze show is scheduled twice each summer. To learn when it’s taking place, see the Calendar of Events.


        Each camper wears a harness which is attached to a safety line held by an instructor, who is positioned on the ground. Safety nets, safety lines, harnesses, trained spotters, and experienced instructors provide the safe nurturing environment needed to promote self-confidence and self-esteem at this activity.


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